Argentine Exportation Garlic

Agro Allium produces & exports San Juan's garlic to the rest of the world

Agro Allium S.A.

Agro Allium SA is a family business located in Argentina, San Juan province, with over 50 years in the business of agriculture. There were many years of learning to get to the point of producing one of the best garlic in the province.

In 2008 this consolidation leads to decide to go one step further by adding value to the garlic they produced, producing firm Tierras del Tulum SRL began to dabble in packaged garlic in order to sale at domestic market making contracts with major firms in the country.

After four years, in 2011, decided to take the last step of the value chain through the firm Allium Agro SA, achieving to export to Europe and the United States.

Thus we have a young firm, but made ​​up of people with many years of experience in the industry and where always prioritized product quality and service given by major commands respect, responsibility and word.

Policies and business objectives